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N-acetylcysteine attenuated sepsis-induced cardiac depression: down-regulation of MMP-2 pathway in mice

       Nasser Ghaly Yousif¹*, Bassim I. Mohammad², Musaed H. Al-Dahhan¹, Najah Hadi³, Safa Al-khalidy¹     AbstractDuring sepsis, the inflammatory responses mediate myocardium injury, including LV dysfunction and cardiac pathophysiological changes. To understanding the pathway of sepsis in cardiac depression, we tested the hypothesis that N-acetylcysteine attenuated sepsis-induced cardiac depression through down-regulation of MMP-2 pathway. Adult […]

Potential activity of GIT-27 against renal ischemia reperfusion injury: an experimental study in male rats

   Najah Hadi ¹*,Huda jabber ¹       Abstract The detail mechanisms in which renal ischemia reperfusion (IRI) happens are still indistinct. Various elements required in the pathogenesis include oxidative stress, inflammation, cellular necrosis, apoptosis, renal pathophysiological changes etc. To understand the pathway of ischemia reperfusion in renal we tested the hypothesis that GIT-27 attenuated renal […]

Comparison of maternal serum tumor necrosis Factor-Alpha in sever and mild pre-eclampsia versus normal pregnancy Pathophysiology of Cell Injury Journal  Volume 5, Issue 1, pages 1-15 Received December 15, 2015; accepted May 02, 2016; published June 09, 2016 Azhar Mousa Al-Turiahi*   Abstract Pre-eclampsia (PE) is an idiopathic disorder unique to pregnancy in human and has long been recognized as an important contributor of maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. […]